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Since opening shop in New York City in the 1930’s, we’ve become the leading authority of European rail in North America, representing more than 35 European railroads. We currently help more than one million visitors each year discover the rich heritage and scenic landscapes of Europe by train. Whether you want to experience the modernity of Western Europe or explore Eastern Europe’s emergence as a new destination, we can get you there, with ease and expertise.


One Stop Shop for Train Travel

Rail Europe is your single stop for European Rail Travel. We combine the maps, schedules and fares for over 50 different train companies across Europe, creating one stop to plan and book your European rail travel.

Rail Europe Inc.:

Rail Europe Inc.:

Rail Europe combines the maps, schedules and fares of 50 different
train companies across Europe, creating one stop to plan and book your European rail travel.
Explore France and a little more of Europe, with Rail Europe

Explore France and a little more of Europe, with Rail Europe

Make France the central destination for your next European trip. High speed trains make it easy to explore France and its neighboring countries.
France is a top destination

France is a top destination

France is one of the top five European destinations for Rail Europe’s travelers.
Connecting France

Connecting France

High speed TGV trains connect over 200 cities in and around France, covering approximately 1,178miles
Sightseeing in France

Sightseeing in France

Rail Europe offers sightseeing activities in most popular French cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Avignon and more.


Train travel offers fast, comfortable and convenient city-center to city-center connections.


High speed trains are 3 times as energy efficient as regional trains, but even the slowest train is 25% more energy efficient than cars.
Market share

Market share

High speed TGV trains have approximately 90% of the market share in France for journeys 2 hours or less in duration.
Fastest Train

Fastest Train

The TGV holds the world rail speed record set on April 3, 2007 traveling at 357 mph. Speed: When not breaking world speed records, TGV trains transport travelers at approximately 200 mph.

Children, ages four to 11 years old, usually pay half the adult fare. Under four years of age, they travel for free unless a reservation for a separate seat is required. Eurail Passes allow two children under 12 to travel free with a paying adult. Reservations for separate seat/berths are at an additional cost.
To qualify for a youth discount of up to 50%, travellers must be between 12 and 25 years of age. In most cases, Youth Passes are available in first and second class.
Travellers 60 years and older are considered seniors and can also benefit from special discounts on certain passes. Good deals on point-to-point tickets are available to most travellers.
Age limits vary according to the product or the country travelled, so check before booking.

Rail Europe provides groups of people travelling together a range of offerings, including discounted pricing. Groups of 10 or more can save up to 60% on train tickets and will receive customized services including train charters with exclusive carriages, corporate branding opportunities and onboard catering; savings on reservations for seats, sleeps and couchettes.


1ere classe, a bord du TGV Lyria

Travelling by train means embarking on a European travel experience like no other. Along with comfortable accommodations, picturesque landscapes and charming company, comes a sense of freedom and flexibility. From Portugal to Sweden to Greece, Rail Europe provides the inspiration and tools for travellers to create their own paths.
As the leading worldwide distributor of European rail products, Rail Europe is the only one-stop-shop for planning and booking European train travel and sightseeing products.
From rail passes to train tickets and reservations, the company provides unparalleled access to an extensive array of rail products from over 50 European train companies.
Serving travellers and travel agents from the Americas, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa, Rail Europe makes discovering Europe by train easy, seamless and memorable. And Rail Europe uniquely provides award-winning localized customer care and assistance.


Rail Europe’s extensive product and service offerings include  :

  • Rail Passes : national, two-country, and multi-country rail passes available, most of which come with special bonuses and discounts !
  • Train Tickets : available for regional and high speed trains.
  • E-tickets : available for many high speed trains.
  • Reservations : seat reservations for day trains and sleeping accommodations for overnight trains.
  • Airport transfers : train tickets between airports and city centres.
  • See Switzerland : unique mountain top excursions, rail and hotel packages in Switzerland.
  • Activities : a wide array of sightseeing tours, city passes and museum passes.
  • Expert advice : helping travelers make the most of their journey and assistance on classes of service, destinations, trains and discounts.
  • Group Travel Specialists : Discounted pricing and personalized service for groups of ten or more traveling together. A dedicated Group Travel Consultant help secure space months in advance and provide helpful information and individualized booking services. They can also organize train charters, exclusive carriages, luggage handling, and more.

Rail Europe’s expertise in rail travel is also demonstrated through strong customer service. The company offers support before, during, and after any journey, as well as a user-friendly online booking engine, allowing travellers to book in preferred language and currency. Whether traveling within one country or across Europe, users can find the best train routes, suggested itineraries and side-trips, and easily add on tour packages or museum passes to make the most of a trip. For further support, reach Rail Europe’s award-winning call center in the U.S., by phone or live chat on the website, to speak with a travel expert to help book a dream trip.

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Group Travel Department : www.raileurope.com/groups ; 1-800-462-2577
Travel Agents : www.agent.raileurope.com





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